Week 4 What’s Your One Thing?


Day 26 of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course(for my friends who don’t know what this is please read my week 1 blog post to catch up). Many thoughts this week…I’ll share the one I feel would be the most beneficial to you all.

I’ve worked in the manufacturing industry since graduating high school. I cut, saw, grind, drill, tap, machine, polish, etc…metal parts and pieces on a daily basis.  I take pride in a job well done. 8 to 5. Monday through Friday and sometimes on Saturdays, if the need arises to keep the customer happy by getting their orders done on time. Some would call this  “ideal” since I don’t have to work the night shift or have to work crazy swing shift hours.  Ideal, because I don’t have to travel and be away from home for days on end.  Ideal, because I can come home at night and sit and have supper with my wife and kids.

I’ve been out of high school and working for 13 years. That means I’ve got 34 more years to go to get to 65 and “retire”, if that’s still the age to retire by then.  One question that has been crossing my mind for a while now “Is this what I was meant to do in my life? Is this my purpose?” Were we meant to work for 45 years working for the man, grinding it out, putting in our time?

One of our guides, Derek Atchley for the MKMMA gives great advice via videos on Facebook. He got me thinking this week when he talked about the Secret To Life. He referred to a scene from the movie “City Slickers” that stuck out to me. He said the secret to life is ONE THING and its up to YOU to decide what your one thing is. Check out that scene from the movie below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k1uOqRb0HU?rel=0]

My one thing……is my family. They are my world. I am working towards putting a plan in place to be able to spend much more time with my family. One of the major ways I am doing this is by putting my ALL into this experience with this course The Master Keys.

Check this out for some inspiration…Manoj Bhargava is the founder of the popular 5-hour energy drink. His net worth is over 4 billion dollars! He now has dedicated his time on this planet to making a difference in other peoples lives. That is his One Thing….helping others….and he’s doing it in a big way. Check out the clip about Manoj at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for reading!  I hope your week is going great and I hope to see you back next week!

Please feel free to leave me some inspiration in comments below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z2IeUNw-wM?rel=0]