Week 1 – Let the Journey Begin

I’ve never been much of a writer.  As far back as I can remember in my school years I never liked writing.  I don’t know why I never liked it. If I was assigned a writing assignment, book report, multiple page paper, etc..,  I would procrastinate and dread writing it and would put it off until the night before the assignment was due and stay up late hustling to get it done.  Needless to say, if there wasn’t a deadline attached to the assignment I would have never done it.

Well, it’s time for a change.  I’ve heard it said…”for things to change YOU have to change!”  I was awarded a scholarship after applying to take a course called “The Master Keys Mastermind Alliance“. This course runs for six months and I have dedicated myself to sticking with this for the courses entirety. In order to maintain my scholarship I must post a blog once a week on this blog site writing about my experiences with the MKMMA course. This course also requires us daily reading and studying a couple of books…. “The Master Key System” written by Charles Haanel and also “The Greatest Salesman in the World” written by Og Mandino.

The reading and exercises we are doing during this course is meant to help create positive change from within. To change how to think. To replace bad habits with good habits. In “The Greatest Salesman in the World” Og Mandino writes “Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure“. WOW.

Mark Januszewski (Mark J),one of the founders and teachers of this course, says we need to throw out our “old blueprint” on how we look at things and think about things in our daily lives and create a new blueprint. The first night I started reading the beginning of the Master Key System, the voice in my head said “Why are you reading this? This makes no sense.” Discouraging me. Taunting me. Well that my friends is my old blueprint…and I’m kicking it to the curb!

I hope you will stick with me during my 6 month process here and read my blog posts if you wish to.  Feel free to offer words of encouragement along the way.

Today I begin a new life.

Thank you,