The Secret to Reaching Your Goals

Dont watch the clock


So, What’s The Secret?

Most of us know that discouraging feeling of being stripped of our goals and dreams and we think we have to settle for our current situation. Just be grateful for what you have. Be satisfied. Right?

We see others achieving in life and we ask “why not me? I am no different than he is. What is he doing that is unknown to me? He must be aware of some secret.”

I’ve heard it said, “you have to take massive action to reach your goals”.

I’ve read that if you keep your goals to yourself, undisclosed to others, you’ll be more likely to achieve those goals.

I’ve heard others say…all you have to do is just simply write your goals down on paper.

Be ambitious and hustle to reach your target. Be slow and be deliberate to reach your objective.

All of it sounds good and the people preaching this, I’m sure, have good intentions.

Want to know the secret?

The secret is……there are no secrets!

You know, everybody already possesses everything they need to know to achieve success in life. You already have it. It’s in you. You were made perfect. You are a true miracle born into this world and you already possess the tools you need to succeed. You were born to do great things…we all were!


A great place to start to achieve your goals would be to develop the habit of persistence. Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich”, talks about 4 tiny habits that make up persistence.

Persistence is needed to accomplish anything you choose to undertake.

The 4 tiny habits of persistence are:

1) A Purpose – Knowing the reason why you are trying to achieve your goal.

2) A Plan of Action – The steps you’re going to take to achieve your goal.

3) A Team – Two or more people working toward a common purpose in perfect harmony. If you are working alone you will be more likely to fail.

4) A Positive Mental Attitude – If you think positively you will have a higher percent chance of succeeding.

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