Peace Be The Journey

Back in the early 90’s I remember one of my babysitters taking me and my brothers to the movie theater to see Cool Runnings. The story about 4 athletes and their coach who had the determination to compete in the Olympic Games as bobsleders. Who remembers that movie? The film was one of my favorites growing up.

We were asked to make this weeks blog topic about the 4 habits of persistence and to review a movie(Cool Runnings) that supported these crucial habits.


Persistence is needed to accomplish anything you choose to undertake.

There are 4 tiny habits that you must have that make up “persistence”.

1) A Purpose – The team was determined to compete in the Olympics at all costs.

2) A Positive Mental Attitude – Derice was the definite leader here. Throughout the movie “NO” was not an acceptable answer for him. He persisted with his positive attitude.

3) A Plan of Action – The team trained hard despite living in Jamaica, never seeing ice before. They had a plan when they reached the trials and the Olympics to physically train hard in the harsh winter environment that they had never encountered before.

4) A Master Mind Alliance – No one succeeds without a mastermind! The Jamaican team had each other as a mastermind. They pushed each other to excel. It’s simple to give up if you are working towards something by yourself…but if you have masterminding partner(s) with you along for the ride you would find it difficult to throw in the towel.

I hadn’t seen Cool Runnings in years. This is hard to describe…..I am learning and growing personally everyday and when I watched this movie I viewed it from a totally different perspective. I saw the movie for the first time in a different light. I saw for the first time that there was no stopping these guys from fulfilling their goal. ‘Can’t’ was not in their vocabulary. They were unstoppable.

“I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head, for I know that where dry desert ends, green grass grows!” ~ Og Mandino

I appreciate the time you’ve taken out of your day to read this and I want to encourage you to go watch Cool Runnings again if you have seen it, or if you haven’t seen it before check it out and look for the 4 tiny habits of persistence.

Be careful of what you feed your brain, because what you think about and what you tell yourself is ultimately what you become.

Peace Be The Journey…..

Thanks for reading,