Nobody Will Accept This Challenge Week 10

New Year’s resolutions. Out of the number of people who create resolutions for themselves on Jan. 1st  how many of them will actually fulfill their goals?  Maybe a small fraction? I’m betting it’s a very low number of people. This post was written to give you some tips to help tip the scales in your favor.

So, why do we wait until the new year to set goals?  Why not start now…today?

Let’s say I set a goal today to lose that 10 pounds that has been hanging around. I figure if I set that goal today and I can make it through Christmas and New Years without fail, my chances gotta go way up to losing that 10 pounds and fulfilling my resolution!

I’ve been taught to refrain from using negative words in your goal statement, add emotions to it, and to set deadlines. So instead of “losing 20 pounds”, say “I weigh 165 pounds and I look amazing by March 31, 2016. Oh, and remember from an earlier blog of mine if it isn’t written it isn’t True!

Write Out Your Goal/Resolution. Write it down. Hang it on your bathroom mirror. Read it multiple times a day….out loud! Sharing your desire with someone you know will help you to stick with it too! Do whatever you gotta do to get it embedded into your brain.

Persistence is key. Og Mandino writes in his book “The Greatest Salesman in the World”       “I will persist until I succeed.”

Read your goal statement multiple times daily. Add “I will persist until I succeed” at the end of your written goal.

While writing this I came up with my goal. Whenever I eat gluten(wheat, barley, rye) I feel sluggish and I’ve fallen off the wagon recently for some reason.  Well, as of right now no more gluten!

Gluten free and feeling incredible by March 31, 2016 and beyond! I will persist. I will succeed!

So, the challenge? I’m challenging you to write down some goals today, or this week, or how about right now!? Don’t wait until New Years….

Do It Now!

Thanks for reading,