Hey You, Get Emotional – Week 7

I was sitting in church this past Sunday and our priest told a story that happened years ago when he was working in another parish. The story was about a young man who was an altar server for a wedding ceremony.  I’ll try to tell the story to the best of my recollection.

Michael, the young man, was a junior in high school. He was a very good server for weddings as he had been serving mass since a very young age. Great kid. Honest kid. Perfect server. Michael probably could have performed the wedding himself as he had served so many in the past! Michael always was well dressed. Black dress pants. Black shoes. White shirt. Dark colored tie. He wasn’t from the neighborhood where the wedding ceremony was taking place. He drove quite a distance on a Saturday afternoon to serve at the wedding. Michael was from, what you would call, a “well off” community and he went to a Catholic high school. The wedding was taking place at a parish in a not so “well off” part of town. The kids in the neighborhood, where the wedding was taking place, typically weren’t Catholic so they couldn’t be servers.

The wedding was beautiful. Everything went according to plan. The groom handed the Michael an envelope after the mass. When Michael was in the back of church just getting ready to leave he open the envelope. A fifty dollar bill.  Michael looked at the priest and said “I can’t take this. Give it to the school kids here”. The priest said “you earned it, take your girl friend out to dinner”. Michael said “no, please take it”. The priest then quoted the bible saying “The worker is worthy of his wages”! ” It’s yours take it.” Michael replied, “I understand that it is mine….and I’m giving it to you”!

What a great story. Why am I sharing this? That story choked me up. It touched me. Give More, Get More. Before I started taking this Master Key course I don’t think I would have gotten that deep into that story. One of the things that is preached to us students during this course is to add emotion to our daily lives! I am appreciating all the marvelous things that surround me daily. My family. Nature. Interacting with people. It’s like I’m looking at everything from another perspective lately. What a wonderful feeling. This week I’m appreciative of you all!

Thanks for reading,