Everything Is Harmonious In Our Lives


A band. The choir. Birds singing. Children playing. Leaves turning in the fall. Everything is better when it’s in harmony. 

Some serious revelations from Cyndi this week about living in harmony. 

Appreciate you being here. 

A story from Cyndi……

Harmony has been one of my favorite words since the first time I heard it. Just the sound of it feels good. It’s a word you feel like you can wear. To come into this week’s lesson and find that Harmony is the word/attribute we are to focus on was very exciting to me.

Then I go a bit stuck. How do you focus on harmony? I started saying the word Harmony over and over to see if something would happen. Then I started to imagine all of the cells in my body working harmoniously together. It’s amazing how every organ, system, muscle, sense all work together in perfect unison.

Next I thought about traffic. I love road construction. I love watching how a lane will be added or disappear and all the while, traffic keeps moving. That is mind boggling to me. How can traffic keep moving in the midst of adding and subtracting lanes? And whether there’s construction or not, people driving in harmony with their neighbors on the road. Giving, taking as needed. Quite harmonious.

Then of course there is nature. Nature is living, breathing, harmonious life. And it hit me. We are living in harmony with everything inside and outside of us. We only have to accept it. We are like fish in water, living in harmony with our world. Beautiful.


I would also like to share about a Christmas experience I had this year. My granddaughter gave me a bag of Chocolates for Christmas. She told me it’s not just candy, it’s for when I reach the goals on my Dream Board (DMP board). Each time I achieve/receive one, then I can have a piece of candy as an award to myself. She told me that when you do this, it does good things for you. I love that girl.
The children in our lives are watching and listening whether we realize it or not. How exciting to know the future is in their hearts and hands.