Easily Distracted? Week 12

I’m addicted to my smart phone. Yep, I admit it. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

I looked up some statistics, because I was curious, and the average American is on the internet 2.5 hours per day……not too shocking. The real shocker was when I saw the average American watches nearly 5 hours of TV per day! Holy Cow!

We all have things we do to relax, to zone out, to get away, or however you want to label it. I get it. To get away from our long day on the job. Or, the long day you had with the kids and now they are in bed and it’s your “me” time. I get it.  What if we would push through and get on the other side of our bad habits and do something positive and constructive with that free time? Think of that goal you would like to reach. Envision the endless possibilities! Can you imagine what life would be like?


We are reading Part 12 of the Master Key System this week. Haanel writes…..“The time and thought which most people waste in aimless effort would accomplish wonders if properly directed with some special object in view. In order to do this, it is necessary to center your mental force upon a specific thought and hold it there, to the exclusion of all other thoughts.”

Haanel continues in paragraphs 6 and 7….                                                             “But your ideal must be sharp, clear-cut, definite; to have one ideal today, another tomorrow, and a third next week, means to scatter your forces and accomplish nothing; your result will be a meaningless and chaotic combination of the wasted material”

“If a sculptor started out with a piece of marble and a chisel and changed his ideal every fifteen minutes, what result could he expect?”

I downloaded an app on my phone its called “Rescue Time”  This app tracks time spent on applications such as Facebook, Twitter, ect…I encourage you to check it out…it’s a real eye opener.

Are your daily activities advancing you toward your goals?

I am easily distracted. I am far from perfect, but I am heading in the right direction because of this Master Key Mastermind Alliance course. Check it out here

See you next week!

Thanks for reading,