Be Extraordinary! ‘HOW TO’ Break Out of Your Ordinary Life

Let Go of the Banana and Be Extraordinary!

Imagine this…..

A hungry monkey notices a banana inside a jar with a small opening at the top. The monkey reaches in and grabs the tasty treat. “Uh oh, I’m stuck! I cannot get my hand out while holding this banana. I really want it. I’m hungry. I need it. I won’t let go! Never!”

All that monkey has to do is let go of that dumb banana and he’d be free. Free to eat whatever he wants. Free to do anything he wants. A whole bunch of bananas could be right around the corner. He’ll never know because he won’t let go of that banana!

Are we that different from the monkey? What is it about that ordinary banana that makes us cling to it so desperately? Why do we cling so tightly to being just ordinary? Who knows.

I love the metaphor of the monkey and the banana….You must give up what you currently have to live the life you want!

I think you’ll like this short and sweet video. Ten things you must give up to forward with your life.


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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. ~ Thoreau